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Bylaw Text Amendments for Eco Density Execution:

Missing Housing Types
October 2006 Housing Affordability conference session (VCPC/SFU)

Peak Oil Policy
Dynamic Cities Project (Bryn Davidson) - Addressing the end of cheap energy
Proposal to the GVRD - Addressing the end of cheap energy
Presentation that accompanied GVRD Proposal
Peak Oil Task Force for Metro
Kutscher: Peak Oil Presentation
Nelders: Peak Oil Presentation

Port Moody Waterfront
Port Moody Post Oil Transportation

Sustainability Workshops
SSP Presentation to the RAIC 2011
Curve showing how community pattern relates to the form of energy use
SSP1 Report on VCPC workshop dealing with the end of cheap energy
SSP2 Report on VCPC workshop 2006
SSP2 poster: production curves
SSP2 poster: scenario diagrams
SSP2 poster: scenario text
SSP2 slides
SSP2 map appendices
SSP3 Food Security Conference, Nelson, 2007

SSP3 MP3 audio
SSP15_Kentucky Part 1
SSP15_Kentucky Part 2
SSP15 Kentucky living on slopes
SSP4 intro slides
& history slides & promo slide
SSP31 De-growth and Redirection
SSP31 De-growth MP3 audio
SSP32 Ymir Food Security Conference
SSP32 Water Use
SSP33 Canton Sharing

Canadian Institute of Planners Conference, Winnipeg, 2008
General SSP Introduction
Micro to Macro scale SSP5 planning
Intro to slide set use
Intro to SSP5 slide sets
Slide set A: Urban triage, farmland edge protection, access to farmland
Slide set B: Post oIl provincial policy for BC
Slide set C: Federal level global impacts and policy revolution
High Tides: Images of the impact of massive ice sheet melting
Access to land slides: social extremes from climate change
Mid-Canada Corridor Report, 1969

Narrow Streets & Houses
Images of traditional villages

Tinytown Startup Village Report

City Lands opportunities
MVPC report to council on higher densities on arterials

Revisions to apartment zones
Scheme for the Nanaimo Station test site
How clean fill from RAV excavation could have had public benefits
Airspace towns
New town Canmore

BC's Food Self-Reliance Report
Presentation about building on mountain slopes not the ALR
Farms, Cities & Sustainability presentation
Suburban to Rural Recovery
Securing the Farm Edge, and Urban Green Fingers
Fraser Institute BS
ALR edge ecovillages
Parksville cluster development
Fraser valley soils
Phosphorus recovery
Global impacts on North America diagram
Wendy Holmes on the ALR

Biochar basics
Biochar discussion
Biochar contacts

The Power of the Arts in Vancouver by Pier Luigi Sacco
Capitalism 3.0, A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons by Peter Barnes
Bill Rees: Unsustainable by Nature
Planning Law Difficulties

Vancouver Planning Coalition
Charles Dobson: The Citizen's Handbook
Henning Wulff: Architectural Photography

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